Lawncare and Fiesta Weed Killer

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Is your lawn in need of some serious TLC this summer? Whether you’re lawn is suffering from spotty coverage or a terrible dandelion infestation, Nutri-Lawn in-ground sprinkler systems can help turn your tired backyard into a lush and inviting oasis.

Don’t Let Weeds Run Rampant

Nothing ruins a beautiful lawn like a nasty case of broadleaf weeds. Luckily, Nutri-Lawn can help you banish these leafy intruders for good with a professionally installed in-ground sprinkler system. Broadleaf weeds tend to target undernourished expanses of lawn, especially in places where the grass coverage is sparse. A dense, well-watered lawn has a much better chance of fending off unwanted broadleaf growth.

Fight Back with Fiesta Weed Killer

Even the heartiest of lawns can be invaded by troublesome broadleaf weeds. Luckily, Nutri-Lawn can help you stop the spread of broadleaf weeds in your yard, and return your lawn to a healthy state. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa is proud to announce the arrival of Fiesta Weed Killer, the toughest weed repellent on the market today. Designed for optimum performance, Fiesta Weed Killer provides noticeable results just hours after the first application. Fiesta’s patented formula includes active iron particles in the form of FeHEDTA, which helps target and eliminate pesky broadleaf weeds, like clover and dandelion. What’s more, Fiesta weed killing formula is water-based and odour-free, providing you with a safe and effective treatment. Fiesta is so safe that people and pets are allowed back on the treated area almost immediately after the application.

Use Fiesta for Guaranteed Results

Fiesta Weed Killer gets to the root of the problem, killing broadleaf weeds from the ground up. The patented formula targets and eliminates root growth, protecting your lawn from future outbreaks and infestations. Fiesta Weed Killer even works in cool weather, so why wait to treat your lawn? Beautify your yard with a Nutri-Lawn in-ground sprinkler system and Fiesta Weed Killer treatment today.

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Lawncare and Fiesta Weed Killer

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This article was published on 2010/07/16