Making Weeding An Easier Task

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Weeds are the bane of any gardener or landscape designer. The definition of a weed is a plant that grows where you do not want it to and which can spread easily without help.

These plants are irritating because they take up valuable space, take the water and nutrients that the other plants need, and make the garden or area look worse. In addition, you may find them extremely difficult to get rid of because you cannot move around the garden easily or they may simply come back too quickly.

This can become very discouraging and unfortunately, many people simply give up. Instead of giving up, try to enlist some help before you get to this point.

Have your children come help you or hire the neighborhood kids to come and help you. There are also several ways that you can make weeding easier on yourself.

The first thing you should always make sure you do is pull out the weeds before they seed and begin to spread. If you can pullout the weeds when they are really small you will be able to easily pull out the root and everything.

However, if you wait until the plants are nearly full grown, they will be a lot larger and much harder to remove. In addition, you will not have to pull up ten more weeds after it because if you caught it early enough, we will not spread.

An interesting characteristic of weeds is that they can multiply and spread quite easily in comparison to the surrounding flowers and plants. You will want to save time by pulling out the weeds when they are very small.

It is definitely best if you can get the entire root come out because then the weed will not be able to re-grow. If it re-grows it will still have a large root and you will have to keep pulling it until you dig out the root.

The younger the weed, the smaller its roots will be. Another thing that can help make weeding easier is watering the garden or area right before you want to weed.

Wet soil is softer and can be more easily pulled up. This means that the roots of weeds will not be able to have such a strong grip on the dirt around them.

You will not have to use as much brute force if you water the soil first. Even if it has recently rained, water it again and the soil will be even softer.

Another thing you will want to be aware of is that it is better to pull different kinds of roots out in certain ways. For example, dandelions have tap roots so it is better to pull them straight out of the ground by gripping the bottom of the visible stem with pressure on opposite sides.

There is a special dandelion tool that has two teeth on the end that can help you dig the root out and pull it straight up. These tools can also make weeding much easier.

Dandelions are one of the biggest plagues of the garden and yard. If you have an army of them camping in your backyard, you are not the only one.

Instead of the short handled tool you may want to use a long handled tool so that you do not have to bend over for as long. However, for weeds that have shallower roots, such as grass that is growing in the wrong place, you may want to simply use a shovel to scrap the root system out of the top layer.

The key with all kinds of roots that you will want to follow is that you want to remove as much root as possible. If you are plagued with weeds that grow in between cracks, there are a couple of things you can try.

Perhaps the most effective thing to try is pouring boiling water over the plants growing through the cracks. This should kill them, but other may come back.

If the boiling water does not them, you make want to try using a weeding blade. A weeding blade is one with a 90 degrees bend and a sharp edge.

This tool should be effectively able to reach between cracks in order to reach the problematic weeds. Long handled tools of this variety are also available.

Another tool that can be very effective is a hoe or 3 pronged cultivator. These tools can help you wipe out large areas of small weeds in a very short amount of time.
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Making Weeding An Easier Task

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This article was published on 2010/11/02