Strimmers: Weed Whackers

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A strimmer is essential for keeping your lawn and garden looking well cared for and keeping weeds at bay. This device is a hand held, lightweight tool that is normally gas powered. It features a flexible string line rather than a metal blade; this string cuts grass, weeds and other plants in hard to reach spaces or spaces that cannot be cut by a lawn mower.

Strimmers are called many different names depending on the region or the person; some call them string trimmers, weed whackers, whippersnappers, weed eaters, line trimmers, or even weedies. Invented by a man named George Ballas in the early 1970s while he was inside an automatic car wash; the revolving action of the brushes used to clean your car inside a car wash was his model for the string trimmer.

The first strimmer was called a weed eater because it quickly ate through grass and weeds that were not possible to be reached by a standard lawn mower. His first model of the strimmer was constructed by using fishing line attached to a popcorn can, which he bolted onto an edger.

You can purchase a strimmer for a low price, if you know what to look for. Some string trimmers are electric and are much lighter than gas powered trimmers; a gas powered weed whacker gives you the freedom to go farther than you would with an electric powered one. Some of the larger sized strimmers may feature metal blade accessories, which offer straighter cutting ability but are also much heavier.

Some of the heavier string trimmers come with a harness strap to wrap around your shoulder so that you can displace the weight of the trimmer and make it easier on your back. Larger string trimmers are sometimes called brush cutters.

A string trimmer will normally have either a pull-string start for gasoline-powered equipment or a push start for an electric powered one. Whichever type of string trimmer you choose, it is a very useful tool to have around when you want your garden or lawn to look nice and well kept.
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Strimmers: Weed Whackers

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This article was published on 2011/04/05